Frances Greaney - Triathlon 2015

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Frances Greaney - Triathlon 2015

francesTriathlon.jpgOn August 9th 2015 Fran, who is a research technician at Aintree Hospital undertook an Olympic Distance Triathlon to raise funds for HaNC - an amazing achievement!!

Read in Fran's words all about her incredible day...

If anyone had told me I would one day complete a mile swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run all in one day I would never have believed it, but on 9th August 2015 I defied what I thought I was capable of and did just that. 

Entered on a spur last November the months quickly passed by and I was there at the starting line submerged in surprisingly warm water in a lake in Shropshire. When the air horn sounded it was a mass start with 100 other competitors and I got round the lake in a moderate 33mins. On to the bike and the athletes I had managed to stay ahead of in the lake seemed to fly past me. 4 laps of a 10km circuit quickly became tiresome and towards the end I was looking forward to the run…which ended as soon as I started the first lap of 4 around the lake where the swim seemed like a distant memory. 

By this point there were many more competitors who were on their run section of their sprint triathlon – a much more sensible option – mentally though I was exhausted, even though my legs seemed to keep going. I crossed the finish line in 3hours 28mins and I couldn’t have done it without the support from my family and friends and knowing I was doing it for such a good cause – thank you everyone who donated to HaNC. 

Would I do it again? If you had asked me on the day I would have said “never again!” but who knows…since then I have competed in 3 sprint triathlons which are much more my cup of tea but now I know what to expect, perhaps another Olympic distance will be on the cards for next summer?!