Simon Rogers London Marathon! 2015

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Simon Rogers London Marathon! 2015


On Sunday 26th April Professor Simon Rogers, the Clinical Lead at Aintree Hospital undertook the Virgin Money London Marathon, raising nearly £1,000 for HaNC!

He finished in exactly 3 hours, which is an incredible time!! 

A few words from Simon....

"Sunday the 26th of April 2015 is a day that will never be forgotten. Permanently inscribed into the timeline of Simon Rogers. The atmosphere, the crowds, the tens of thousands of runners, the iconic land marks of London, the culmination of all the months of training, the pain, the desire to finish, the joy of individual success and achievement but also that of all the others there, the vast array of memories from the whole weekend, the support of so many loved ones, friends, patients and their families, colleagues, the well deserved celebration afterwards. Like so many others, the London Marathon is an achievement of a life time. I huge thank you to all who so kindly donated to HaNC. We need some HaNC runners next year. It is very hard to get a place in the London Marathon so don't be disappointed if you miss out in the ballot. There are plenty of other ones to do so make a difference and enjoy!"

Check out the photos below of his amazing day.

Thank You Simon, from everyone at HaNC.

If you would like to sponsor Simon, he has a Just Giving page set up -