Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is very common following radiotherapy to the mouth and throat. It can make it more difficult to chew, swallow and speak. A dry mouth makes keeping your teeth and mouth clean much more difficult.

There are several things you can try such as artifical saliva - pastilles to suck or a spray.  Patients preference differs so you might want to try several.. Some patients find a bottle of water the best solution..

Please be very very careful about your teeth. Saliva protects the teeth and if you have sugary drinks the teeth will rot.

Please discuss the issue of dry mouth wth your own dentist, with your Clinical Nurse Specialist  or with Mr Butterworth, our specialist Consultant Restorative Dental Surgeon can advise you and it might be that you should see our hygienist.  

Some of the recommended products for dry mouth include:

  • Oralieve spray (effective for up to 3 hours) and Oralieve mouth gel (effective for up to 6 hours). [Both available only on prescription]  

  • Oralieve also offer a toothpaste and lip balm with the ingredients to help with the dry mouth,  but  these need to be purchased.

  • Oramoist mouth-moistening spray and lozenges' by Periproducts