Jeannie's Story

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Jeannie's Story

I first found out I had cancer of the soft palate after a visit to my hygienist, October l995. I had a rough patch on the roof of my mouth but never thought anything about it - it was just like scratch after eating a boiled sweet and no pain at all. It had been there for quite a long time.

A few weeks later I was receiving radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Hospital. This lasted for 6 weeks. I have since been all clear.

Unfortunately in March 2000 I had to have a tooth removed which led to osteoradionecrosis. I had 6 weeks of Hyperbaric treatment but alas my jaw broke and I had to have a face brace and more Hyperbaric treatment.

In September 2000 I had part of my jaw removed and replaced with a piece of my hip. I had quite a few infections which didn't help also my hip broke but thanks to Mr. Simon Rogers all turned out well. I obviously lost some teeth but Mr. Butterworth has made me a plate, which is just fine. Learning to eat again was a bit difficult - I had to use tongue spatulas over the weeks to get my mouth to open and of course my mouth was very dry. I can eat normally now - well almost, good job I like sauces and gravies. The right side of my mouth is numb and I still use a straw to drink but this is no problem.

I would love to hear from anyone who is undergoing a similar problem.