Fundraising to support Merseyside Regional Head & Neck Cancer Centre

Head & Neck cancer can have an immense impact on patients and their families, depending on the site of the cancer, how advanced it is and what the treatment needs to be.    

Although the number of Head & Neck cancer patients has grown considerably over the last 10 to 20 years, it unfortunately attracts comparatively  little research funding. Moreover, there are many important areas of Head & Neck cancer research, especially those directly impacting upon patient care, where it is difficult to find funding from the major national cancer charities (eg Cancer Research UK).

This where your support comes in.

All donations to the Merseyside Regional Head & Neck Cancer Centre are used to fund the research work of the Centre’s clinicians into the better understanding of the causes of such cancers, the impact of treatment and to improving the patient experience and support. 

Every single year, we need to raise around £30,000 just to keep our research programmes going.

These funds are spent on research initiatives that focus mainly all aspects of patient treatment and support. 

The terms of reference for all these funded activities are determined by patients and carers themselves, through the Patient Research Forum.

As a small charity, we rely totally on the generous donations and have no other source of funding. We are committed to improving head and neck outcomes and your support is vital and greatly appreciated.