Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Dominic Bray
M.A (hons), Clin. Psy. D., C.Psychol., CSci.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist.


After nine years' training, Dominic qualified as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology in 1994. Have since worked with Children and Families, Adult Mental Health; latterly focusing on hospital-type settings such as Cancer/Palliative Care, Renal, Pain Management and other Long - Term Conditions.

Dominic is a specialist in Solution-Focused Approaches (see NICE Cancer Guidance 2004), both in individual patient work and in Medical Education; have published on these eg European Journal of Palliative Care (2007).

The process of referral

I see more complex cases by referral-on from Mr. Jim Anderson (Emotional Support Worker) or the Clinical Nurse Specialists, where the individual's psychological needs exceed what they would normally cater for, for example severe coping difficulties, 'non-adherence', family dynamics or difficulties making treatment decisions. Where these difficulties are immediately apparent to the Consultants, they are able to refer to me directly.

What I do

I offer outpatient appointments, currently at Aintree (Fazakerley) Hospital, where the patient (and their carer/family if requested) is able to address the psychological issues that would otherwise hinder their well-being. In lay terms, this frequently entails first listening, then helping them change their thoughts and habits to ones that help them live well.