Info Leaflets

Post-op Exercise Advice Leaflets

This document is for patients who have been diagnosed with Head and Neck Sarcoma: 
  Understanding sarcoma - Head and Neck

These leaflets have been developed by our Senior Physiotherapist to advise patients regarding exercise following neck dissection and specific reconstructive flap techniques.

  1. Neck Dissection
  2. Radial Forearm Free Flap
  3. Antero-lateral Thigh Flap
  4. Scapula Free Flap
  5. DCIA Free Flap (Vascularised Hip graft)
  6. Pectoralis Major Flap
  7. Fibula Free Flap
  8. Role of the Physiotherapist
  9. Understanding sarcoma - Head and Neck (external link)

If you want a paper copy of any leaflets we can arrange to have one sent to you. Please contact our Clinical Nurse Specialists in Head and Neck.

The Head and Neck multi-disciplinary team has developed information leaflets on the 'fear of recurrence' for head and neck cancer patients as well as 'fear of recurrence' for cancer in general. Click on the links below to access these documents.

'Fear of Recurrence' concerns following head and neck cancer.

'Fear of Recurrence' concerns following cancer treatment.


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