Patient Concerns Inventory

Improving Consultations

PCI_Header.jpg The PCI is a touchscreen computer-based outpatient software facilitating modern cancer & health care.
The PCI concept improves consultations, targets symptoms, facilitates referrals and improves patient care.




"A regular follow-up visit is considered crucial to provide appropriate care for treated patients. In this very busy environment, it is easy to understand the benefits of having simple and practical tools to identify patients concerns and priorities prior to consultation. This information can improve the efficiency of follow-up visits. As part of a PhD program we are currently investigating the impact of PCI pre-consultation checklist in our Brazilian head and neck clinic. The preliminary data shows significant impact on professional practice and patient satisfaction. PCI has improved our practice in the head and neck outpatient clinic." 
Dr Luiz.P. Kowalski, Dept H&N Surgery, A C Camargo Cancer Centre, Brazil

"DAHNO has rapidly included “use of the PCI” into the 10th collection year requirements as it continues the trend of including measures that reflect patient experience. The significant support from BAHNO (British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists) and BAHNON (British Association of Head and Neck Oncology Nurses) confirms the professional desire to improve the patient experience". 
Richard Wight, Chairman, DAHNO

 "European Journal of Cancer Care. A national survey of healthcare professionals’ views on models of follow-up, holistic needs assessment and survivorship care for patients with head and neck cancer: 'when participants were asked to state their preferred assessment tool for patient with head and neck cancer, the majority (60%) felt the PCI, as a head and neck specific tool, was most appropriate, followed by the Distress Thermometer (46%)' ".
Wells M., Semple C.J. & Lane C. (2015)
An online survey of the British Association of Head and Neck Nurses (BAHNON) November 2013-January 2014.