PCI HaNC AD (after diagnosis)

When diagnosed with cancer there is potentially a lot of information to take in. Some patients and family/carers like relatively little information other much more. It is very hard to get the amount of information right and it needs to be tailored for each individual patient. Also the information needs to be at the 'right' time for the patient and this can be both before treatment and at any time after treatment. Also we need to get the context and format of the information right, having said that there is arguably nothing better than one to one advice with the clinical team (consultant oncologist, consultant  surgeon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Emotional Support therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Dietician, Oral Rehabilitation/ dentist  etc. Ideally the information needs to be specific as possible to the individual, the cancer site, type, and treatment. 

To try to help facilitate the sharing  of information with patients at the most appropriate time for them we are piloting a PCI-pre-treatment (diagnosis). This can be given to the patient at diagnosis and used as often as necessary by the patient in any of the subsequent consultations / hospital visits. 

We would appreciate your views on any aspect of the form (items, language, format) - good or bad. Please let us know your thoughts by contacting Simon.

Customised PCI clinic sheets for your hospital

If you would like to use the three sheet colour 'carbon' copies version of the PCI clinic form and want your hospital logo added then please Contact Us and we will be able to provide you with a quote for this.

There is no restriction to the use of the PCI by colleagues however please remember that the copyright and intellectual property remains with Edge Hill University and Aintree University Hospital. Although we would not encourage adding new items, colleagues could try this if they feel strongly an item is missing, but please include this as part of an audit and feedback to us the reason behind including the item and any 'evidence' that patients felt it necessary to add it to the current 57 item PCI.