"From my perspective as a clinical psychologist working within H&N cancer services the introduction of a brief check list to invite comment from patients prior to their appointment is both realistic to use and practical in helping patients and carers in the routine clinical setting rather than limited to research".
Professor Gerry Humphris, St Andrews University

"The routine integration of the PCI into out-patient clinical practice I believe will ensure that a pressurized resource is used more effectively. This is a win for patients in holistically having needs heard and addressed whilst healthcare professionals apply their time to most benefit to patients unlike the present all or nothing out-patient attendance."
Richard Wight, Chairman, DAHNO

"The research into the use of the Patient Concerns Inventory(PCI) developed by the Edge Hill University and other similar tools have influenced the development of the Macmillan Cancer Support eHNA for use as one of the assessment measures". 
Macmillan Cancer Support

"The PCI changes the focus of consultations to a patient centred approach allowing the patient to express their concerns and their voice to be heard.  It improves the clinicians’ interaction and communication with patients through better understanding and appreciation of the patient perspective".
Sarah Patt, Chair of BAHNON