Gillian's Story

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Gillian's Story

You know, I have always believed that in your hour of deepest darkness, a light will be sent to you, to guide you out of the confusion and the pain. I could never have dreamt of the galaxy of lights that would be sent into our darkness, and how very blessed we were that you were at its heart.

Every single member of the team at Fazakerley Hospital, the doctors, nurses, radiographers, porters, cleaners, clinicians, the admin staff - and especially Sally - is a star in their own right . We lost count of the innumerable acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that were shown to us, but I will carry each one with me forever. We were treated with dignity, compassion and respect, and never once did we feel intimidated or talked down to. It is very important, as you feel yourself being sucked into what is a very frightening whirlpool of events, to feel that you are still somehow given a modicum of control, are consulted and are included as far as you can be in the decision making process. You have no idea how much the little things mean in the middle of such a crisis.

Most importantly, at a time when it would be easy to feel de-humanises, I was always, always aware that every carer viewed me a whole human being, and whilst ministering to me physical needs, showed me nothing but warmth and compassion....and most importantly, that sparkling brand of unique Scouse humour!

Although my whole heart goes out to every patient coming to you now, who finds themselves in the position I was two short years ago, I am profoundly thankful that they have come under your care. They could not be in safer hands.

As a family, we owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Here I am, back at work, doing incredibly well and feeling great, back to being an ordinary mum, wife and friend. Back to that wonderful thing we take so much for granted - normal!