Where does it go?

All funds raised by HaNC and the Merseyside & Cheshire Head & Neck Cancer Centre are used to support research initiatives that focus on patient treatment and support. Over recent years, these research projects have included:

  • a study into understanding how gene mutations affect the outcome of their head and neck cancer treatment, and to assess the best treatment plans for patients with such any gene mutations.  
  • a study into whether it is possible to personalise radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer patients in order to minimise the longer risks of osteoradionecrosis and other side effects of this treatment.
  • an examination of why many Head & Neck cancer patients are late in presenting their symptoms to GP’s and medical professionals.
  • the introduction of the Patient Concerns Inventory  in order to provide patients with a greater understanding of how their cancer and treatment plan will impact on their lives.
  • a research project into the use of tracheostomy in Head & Neck cancer.

A more detailed list of the projects funded and supported by HaNC is provided below.


In addition, HaNC has supported clinical researchers in the production of over 100 published academic papers in the field of head & neck cancer. A selection of these of these papers are provided below.

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